We at Premium Fitness just posted a big thank you to all of our friends who came out for the UFC party on Saturday and were delighted by all the thank you’s we received in return.  It is always great to hear your work is appreciated and our friends were not shy about telling us why they love us.

Here are some of the highlights of Premium Fitness love-in:

  • Intense Training – There were several comments about the intense training at our school.  We love what we do and try to fill every minute of your training with serious impact.
  • Incredible FitnessOne fine lady told us she has lost 33 lbs in the past three months from working out with us.  Our fitness program is the best around and our martial arts training is nearly on the same level for toning up.
  • Excellent Co-Ed Classes This is one we like to see.  When women and men can train and compete together and maintain respect for another, we know that we are doing it right.
  • Kids ClassesChildren love the classes here at Premium Fitness.  We make it fun and healthy for kids and everyone (especially us) has a great time.
  • Great Instructors – It seems like everybody loves our instructorsJ.  We give 100% to our students and the students give it right back.
  • Fun – Did we mention fun?  Our friends certainly did.  What we do isn’t possible if you don’t enjoy it.
  • Camaraderie – This comes as a surprise to some new students.  The camaraderie at our school is a carryover from the everyone-pull-together attitude of professional fighters.  We all depend on each other for support in and out of the gym and we are happy to pass this attitude on to our students.
  • Pumped for a 6 am Workout? – Where can you find people excited about a workout at 6 am?  Right here!

All of us here at Premium Fitness would like to thank everyone who for their incredible support, with a special shout out to:

  • Nelson
  • Tara
  • David
  • Robert
  • Edwin
  • Kimberly

Thanks guys!  See you in class.

If you are not part of the Premium Fitness crew then you need to come in and see us.  We have great programs for martial arts and fitness and we have a lot of fun!

Premium Fitness is located in Palmdale and is an easy drive from Lancaster, Alpine, and Rosamond.

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  • All those statements are true! Premium Fitness is definitely the best investment of my time and money that I have ever made. My blood pressure is perfect, I’ve lost 4 inches around my waste, dropped a shirt size and lost 42 lbs. Thanks for the support, Premium Fitness!

  • PremiumFitness says:

    Hey, thank you for stopping by Nelson. You’re a model for determination for discipline. We’re happy to have you in the club ;)

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